How to Get Data from Database with gRPC Protobuf in ASP.NET Core

Vivek Jaiswal
1 years

In this tutorial, we'll dive into the world of high-performance data retrieval in ASP.NET Core using gRPC Protocol Buffers (Protobuf). If you're tired of slow data transfers and want to optimize your applications, this video is for you!

 Key Topics Covered:

  1. - Understanding the power of Protobuf for data serialization.
  2. - Setting up an ASP.NET Core project for efficient data fetching.
  3. - Defining a Protobuf schema to structure our data.
  4. - Fetching data from the database and serializing it with Protobuf.
  5. - Implementing a gRPC service to serve our serialized data.
  6. - Testing our service with a gRPC client.
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Follow up comments