What is Signal App, what is the best option of WhatsApp, Elon Musk also use Signal

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The new privacy policy WhatsApp has become a matter of concern for users. WhatsApp has also issued notifications to users about its new policy. WhatsApp will implement its new conditions from February 8, after which the risk of loss of privacy of users has increased, so people are now looking for other chatting options.

Meanwhile, users are downloading Signal. This app is said to be the most secure about the privacy policy in the world. This thing has been accepted by the world's richest Elon Musk, who has advised the users to use the Signal app to users. Signal App has been used suddenly by so many people that its server is down. Regarding this, Signal himself tweeted that due to having more users, the verification code is facing problems, although the team is working for it. The Signal App app has topped the list of top free apps on Apple's app store. Signal App is seen as the biggest alternative to WhatsApp.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use Signal over WhatsApp.


1. Everything is encrypted including all media


Signal encrypt everything like your chats, voice, photos, videos and locations. Due to this feature Signal App is widely used by journalist, researchers, secret agents and security experts.


2. Open Source Code


Signal App is open source means their code is publically available so anyone can see how this app works. Experts from all over the world can look their code and if any error occurred then this can be resolved quickly.


3. Secure Backup and store your contacts in your phone


Signal store encrypt backup of your data to your phone with a key that will be created by you.

This app does not store your contact list to their server, it using a different method to match you with your contacts.


4. This owned by a Non-Profit Organization


Signal App is owned by a Non-Profit organization called Signal Foundation.  Signal Foundation is a nonprofit organization and this never tied to with any major companies and cannot be acquired by any companies. This app is completely supported by donations from users.


5. Cannot be monitored by other apps


Signal app also has features for Incognito keyboard options means that tells your keyboard not to learn about your typing in the app. Other features is ‘Screen Security’ that will stop any app to looking your Signal window and monitor what you typing in the Signal App.

If you like Signle App then you ca download this from Google play store or App store.

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